WPS Summer Learning Overview for Students 2023

**For those students who are registering to begin school in Warwick for the 23-24 school year, entering grades K-8, please only focus on the reading components (not iReady)

Below is an outline of what students are asked to do over the summer for each level. 

Middle School Summer Work (for incoming 6th-8th graders)

Priority items are in yellow

High School (for incoming 9th-12th graders)

Toll Gate only:


Pilgrim only:

English 3 AP

Pilgrim Summer ELA Folder  

English 4 AP

English 4 EEP

Elementary  Learning Program

While summer is a time outside of the classroom, research has proven that our students regress with no learning opportunities. 

This summer, we are asking that in between camping trips, outings to the beach, relaxing in the pool, or whatever you like to spend time doing - take some time each week to have your child brush up on their skills. You will be surprised in the fall by how confident your child feels about going back to school as a learner. 

Below is a breakdown of expectations: 

ELA/English Language Arts


  1. Join the summer reading by clicking the following link or visiting the Warwick Public Library

  2. iReady: My Path Personalized Learning: 30-50 mins/1-2 lessons weekly (approximately 10 minutes a day)

  1. iReady: My Path Personalized Learning: 30-50 mins/1-2 lessons weekly (approximately 10 minutes a day)


  1.  Math playground

How do students access the program?

  • Students should be using their school department-issued device and signing in with their @warwickschools.org account. 

  • Access Clever & locate the iReady App

  • If a personal device is being utilized: Students can log into the Chrome browser with their @warwickschools.org email account to access all the steps above. 


How do I track my Summer Learning participation?

  • Each student will receive an iReady Tracking Sheet (sample)

  • This tracker will be turned in to their Math teacher in September 2023. 

  • Each school will determine the incentive! 

Who will be monitoring? 

  • The Curriculum Office will be monitoring summer learning progress from the end of June - August 11, 2023. 

  • If a child can’t access their My Path (Personalized Learning), please email iready.helpdesk@warwickschools.org with the child’s name, grade level, and school. Please allow 24/48 hours for a turnaround response. 

Help Desk Email:  iready.helpdesk@warwickschools.org

Additional resources: