Science Olympiad

Join us in congratulating our Science Olympiad team as they represent Warwick Vets on April 22nd at Rhode Island College.

Lauren B, Emma D, Addison E, Neveah E, Zaisha E, Anthony H, Angela H, Cienna M, Alexandra N, Jackson P, Evan P, August P, Dustin S, and Jordan V.

They will be competing against middle schools all across the state. This year we are competing in 17 events. It has really been a team effort to help prepare these kids for this competition. They would like to thank the following people Nancy Grover, Pauline Pinto, Bonnie Lambert, Lindsey Guglietta, John Sullivan, James Naughton, Tom O’Connor, Domenic Bonaminio, Dave Boyajian, Kevin St. Jacques, Peg Pallini and of course the Science Department.