Historic Walking Tour of Pawtuxet Village  

The annual walking tour of Pawtuxet Village is a lesson in history like no other! Now in its 23rd  year, the event has become the traditional kick-off for the Gaspee Days celebrations. We are  happy to announce that the walking tour is now an official Gaspee Days event, brought to you  by the official Gaspee Days committee!  

Three years before Paul Revere made his famous ride, a band of colonists from Pawtuxet  torched the British ship HMS Gaspee, after it ran aground on Namquid Point. This marked the  first armed conflict of the American revolution and it happened right here in our neighborhood! 

Children in grades 3 and up are invited to assume the roles of actual documented residents of  colonial Pawtuxet. At each site along the tour, students dressed in lavish period costumes  recite historical folklore via skits that portray villagers from Pawtuxet’s past. Guided tours allow  the public to greet the residents of Pawtuxet Village and be educated as you follow the very  footsteps of the patriots who procured our freedom. Students and parents alike will be  amazed at what they didn’t know about Pawtuxet’s role as a seaport and industrial hub in our  nation’s earliest years. You will also be astounded by the residents who made it that way. 

This program requires parent volunteers and donations. Parents will be asked to  chaperone sites on the day of the tour, provide food and snacks for the day of the tour,  and participate in canning and costuming, among other activities. Please see and sign  the Participation Agreement  Also see the Schedule for specific dates and times that  parental involvement is required.  

FEES: $25 per child, second sibling $20. Additional siblings $15 each.