Warwick Vets Middle School Dress Code

All students:

Hats and hoods must be taken off upon entering the building

No hats, bandanas or doo rags allowed

Hats, gloves, and coats cannot be worn inside the building without permission from the teacher 

Underclothes should not be seen

Rips/holes in jeans need to be below  fingertip line

No muscle shirts.  Shirt straps must be two fingers wide (includes shoulder strap cutouts) Any cutouts/open backs need a wide strap tank top underneath shirts – use the thumb/armpit trick   

No racerback tops 

Crop tops need to have a long tank top undearneath (no midriff showing)

Skirts & shorts need to fall below fingertip line



*** Masks must be worn properly at all times (the only exception is while eating during our designated breakfast and lunch time)   

  • Masks must  cover mouth AND nose at all times 
  • No  gaiters, scarves or bandanas are allowed   
  • Masks should not be left on the tables when eating
  • Masks should be stored in a pocket bag or looped around your wrists
  • If you do not have a mask that meets these expectations one will be provided for you
  • If anyone is unable to follow the mask expectations, they will be moved to distance learning