The Guidance Department is committed to developing every student’s social, emotional, academic and career potential, in cooperation with families, educators and community partners. The staff helps students make healthy life choices and plan out an education to support their life goals, whether they lead to the workforce or higher education. Counselors are a resource for students coping with stress, depression, abuse, anxiety, and socials issues that may arise at school or home. Counseling is done in a confidential environment that promotes trust and confidence, encouraging students to communicate openly with the guidance staff. The goal is to nurture productive, resilient members of society.

ALL parents have their own accounts. Parent accounts are different than student accounts. If you have any difficulty accessing your Family Portal account, please contact Mrs. Hough via email

Grading Quarter Dates:

November 5, 2019: 1st Quarter Grades Close 

January 23, 2020: 2nd Quarter Grades Close

April 1, 2020: 3rd Quarter Grades Close

June 12, 2020: 4th Quarter Grades Close