We want to welcome you to the new Veteran’s Middle School Drama program.
Students are expected to be at rehearsals when called for.
Students are expected to work on lines at home.
Students are expected to maintain their grades
Students must adhere to the technology policies at drama as if they are in classes
Students who are absent must have an excuse.
Students with unexcused absences more than twice will be replaced in their roles.
Students are expected to be patient, kind, and part of the drama team.
Students will maintain the auditorium leaving it neat and clean

Drama club will meet Tuesdays and some Wednesdays closer to performances.
Drama club will run after school until 3:10 on those days
Closer to performances there could be later and additional rehearsals
Children must be passing their classes in most subjects to be in Drama
Drama will be participating in some fundraising.
Student’s misbehavior will not be tolerated. If your student is asked to leave the auditorium more than two times they will be dismissed from Drama.
Parents will be notified.
Parts can be changed throughout the production of the play for a multitude of reasons. As any good team functions, we will do what is best for the team.