Anime Club: Mr. Hornstein will hold our Anime club meetings in Room 903 every Tuesday after school and is open to the entire school.

Chess Club: Mr. Andolfo leads the Chess Club in room D211. It will be every Tuesday after school and is open to the entire school regardless of skill level or even if they don’t yet know how to play. (Students may attend whenever they choose throughout the year and aren’t required to attend every week.) 

Drama Club:   Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Caruso are heading our Drama Club this year. Drama will be meeting on Wednesdays beginning October 2nd. 

Computer Club:  The Computer Club will meet every Wednesday with Mr. Bonaminio in Room G105. Students will have the opportunity to use programs to create or finish digital-based assignments for class projects. Students will also have the opportunity to explore other creative programs at their own pace or in a group setting. Students can attend at any time. 

Fly Fishing Club: Mr. Clancy will meet with students in Room 910 for signups on September 16th – The club will meet three times- two times at school, the third will be at the Fish Hatchery.  See announcements for more detail.

Future Author’s Club: Ms. Gorton will meet with students in Room D210 on Thursday afternoons.

Math Club: Mr. Lombardi will meet with students in the Writing Center on Wednesday afternoons.  RI MathCounts competition @ CCRI, Saturday, March 7th.  

Newspaper:  The Hurricane Herald is our online newspaper which is publishd throughout the school year.  Any student who is interested in submitting stories for the newspaper is encouraged to do so.  Teachers also submit classwork with student permission. Mrs. McSwiggan is looking for students who are interested; if students want to join the newspaper they go sign up with Mrs. McSwiggan during homeroom in D109.

Science Club: Mrs. Wibberg will meet with students in Room C207 on Thursday afternoons.

 Yearbook: Ms. Boisvert and Mrs. Henderson are leading our Yearbook creation this year at Vets. Yearbook meets on -Annex.