Office of the Principal

Good morning,

Just a few things concerning us here in the morning at Warwick Veterans:

– Parent dropoff is becoming problematic. The protocol is simple yet takes patience. After 7:25, cars must enter the school from Fletcher Rd, travel in the specifically designated lane and drop their children off at the turn. Cars need to pull all the way up to the sign (currently damaged due to being hit by a car) and the goal is to have 3-4 cars let students out at a time. Please do not pass the car in front of you because they are slow to drop off. Between this process, students/adults walking on the crosswalk after parking, students walking to school and students riding their bikes to school, this area is extremely busy and dangerous if drivers are not following the proper protocols. PLEASE BE PATIENT SO THAT WE CAN KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE.

 Students are being dropped off very early in the morning. Our doors can not open until 7:30. We are simply not able to let students in and supervise them before 7:30. With the cold weather coming, it is concerning that students are being dropped off 30-45 minutes before they are able to come into the school. We understand that some parents and guardians need to get to work earlier than others but our request is that arrangements be made (take the school bus, carpool with a friend/neighbor, etc.) to enable the students to arrive closer to 7:30, so that we can ensure they are safe and warm. 

Thank you all for you cooperation,

David Tober