Office of the Principal

Dear Veterans Memorial Middle School Parents and Guardians,

          My name is Joe Coffey.   I have been appointed to be your child’s principal at Warwick Veterans Memorial Middle School.   

           In case you are interested, here’s a little background about my previous roles within the Warwick School Department.  I have been with the Warwick School District for 31 years and have taken on a number of educational roles during that time, such as: teacher, department chair, assistant principal, and principal – at the high school, middle school, and elementary school levels.  My most recent role was that of Principal of Holliman Elementary School here in Warwick. 

          I am excited about this opportunity to work collaboratively with parents, faculty, and staff in supporting your child’s academic and social learning needs.  

          I appreciate your patience and understanding during this period of transition.

Joe Coffey

WVMMS Principal


Here are a few other important things for you to know: 


 Student Orientations for Grades 6 and 7        

          We would like to welcome our incoming 6th and 7th graders by grade level via our upcoming August student orientations.  

  • Our grade 7 orientation will be held on Tuesday, August 24th

  • Our grade 6 orientation will be held on Thursday, August 26th.  

          Both will begin at 6:00 PM.  Parents and students are welcome to attend these orientations. 

         We are pleased to inform you that both evenings will also be “Food Truck Nights” here at Warwick Veterans.  Groups of students and parents will…

  •  Choose when to stop by the auditorium for a brief, socially-distanced video recorded presentation (Note: This will also free the Principal and Assistant Principals to meet students and parents at various locations throughout the building.)

  • Tour the building with the support of one or more of our 8th grade volunteers;

  • Consider purchasing dinner from various food trucks that will be around our front circle at school.  Some trucks in attendance will likely be Paco’s Tacos, Little B’s BBQ, Supa Dupa Food Truck, Nanu Burmese Fusion, and Kay’s Ice Cream.   Different trucks may be here for either event. 

         I apologize for the late notice of these events.  With that in mind, if you are unable to attend, please reach out via one (or all) of the following email addresses, and we will do our best to ensure that your child gets a chance to tour the inside of the building prior to the start of school. (Principal) (School Secretary) (Guidance Department Chair)


Return to School Dates

  • September 1 – 1st day of school for 6th graders; no school for grades 7 & 8; 

  • September 2 – All students in class;

  • September 6 and 7 – Holidays, no school 


Additional Information Will Be Forthcoming 

          Very soon we (and/or the District) will be sharing additional updates and reminders regarding such things as: starting times; arrival/departure locations and times; Covid-related considerations; transportation eligibility and stops, etc.  


          Once again, we appreciate your patience and understanding during this period of transition.  Thank you.  Hope you thoroughly enjoy the final two weeks of your child’s summer vacation!


                                                          The WVMMS Leadership Team