Spring Concert Poster

The Spring Concerts on Thursday, June 16th will be at 6,7, and 8 pm. Reporting times are 15 minutes before each performance for each student to sign in for attendance. STUDENTS WILL USE THE F-CORRIDOR TO SIGN IN AND ENTER THE STAGE. The concert dress will be all black. Next year, we will have a uniform look again as in the past. As you may be aware, the US shipping problems that are happening were a problem this year and will ultimately change our uniform for next year. I would like to thank the chorus students who have endured the covid related distance learning and this year’s attendance at rehearsals. Your help as parents in supporting the music program has helped immensely. The fact that we have not had an all-participation chorus concert since December 2019 is fantastic, and we should all look forward to June 16, 2022! These students have given quite the effort and their hard work will pay off in their performances. Spring Concerts Thursday, June 16, 2022 Choir and Grade 6 – 6pm Choir and Grade 7 – 7pm Choir and Grade 8 – 8pm