How The Golden Ticket works:
  • Random drawings every Monday — starting October 26th, 2020.
  • Winning numbers will be posted on our Feinstein Virtual Club and Facebook page.
  • Winning numbers are replaced each Monday (*Important to check often — once winning numbers are gone, they’re gone)!
  • Students with a winning ticket number should inform their teacher/school immediately and show them their winning ticket (photo or in-person acceptable).
  • Their school should contact us as soon as possible with the winning ticket claim! (Winning tickets must be claimed within 7 days of its posting.)
  • Every winner’s school receives a $5,000 grant!
  • Every winning student receives a $500 grant, which they can give to their school or a non-profit of their choice.
  • Every winning student also receives a surprise gift from us at The Feinstein Foundation! 
  • The $5,000 school grant will DOUBLE the following drawing for any $5,000 ticket numbers not claimed. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Where will the winning numbers be posted? Winning numbers will be posted on our Feinstein Virtual Club and Facebook page
  • When will winning numbers be posted? Each Monday new winning numbers will be selected and posted.
  • How long does a student have to claim a winning raffle number?Winning numbers are up for one week and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Winners have one week to notify us of a winning ticket. 
  • How should we notify The Feinstein Foundation of a winner? Contact us by phone (401) 467-5155 or by email immediately!