Hello Warwick Veterans Memorial Middle School community,


The yearbook distribution will be later than normal this year.  With everything that is going on the LifeTouch was also delayed.  This is the last correspondence we received from the company.


Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in my last email about production, due to state mandates and the safety of our employees, I cannot give dates as to when your yearbooks will arrive. I do understand the need to plan your distribution and I know that teachers, parents, and administration are asking you but PLEASE be patient with us as we are doing the best we can under the circumstances. I will contact you as soon as I know that your yearbooks have shipped. 

THANK YOU for understanding!




Once we receive the dates for delivery we will have Mr. Tober send another connect ed with the distribution details.  Please email Sherri.boisvert@warwickschools.org with any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your patience in this matter,

Sherri Boisvert and Erica Henderson

WVMMS Yearbook Advisors