March 25, 2020    – WVMMS website update – D. Tober

I hope this message finds our WVMMS families healthy and well. These are obviously unprecedented times and we at school are adapting to it all just as you are. With the Governor’s message that we will be out of school for the foreseeable future, we have begun our Virtual/Distance Learning Plan.

Students will receive an email each morning by 8:00am from either Ms. Centracchio (Assistant Principal) or Ms. Rossi (Technology Specialist). This email is utilized to report attendance. The student must open the email, click on the necessary items and click submit. This will take less than a minute to complete. This will ensure that students are marked “present” for the day. This is a mandatory protocol, enforced by the RI Dept. of Education. 

Students are expected to check each of their teachers’ Google Classroom every day. 

Students are also expected to check their school Gmail accounts every day. Teachers will be consistently communicating through both of these platforms. Teachers will be inputting instruction, assignments and assessments into their Google Classrooms. Students must follow directions and submit work digitally, as the teachers direct them to. Teachers will be documenting and monitoring all student responses and all work being submitted. The names of students who are not responding or submitting work will be sent to school administration. Students with IEP’s will have consistent contact via Gmail and/or Google Classroom from their special educators along with their content teachers. 

I advise students to regularly communicate with their teachers through Google Classroom and Gmail. Ask questions when you need to. Ask for feedback when it is needed. I advise parents to set daily schedules for their kids. Have them up in the morning at a certain time, have them doing their work at a certain time. Be as rigid as possible, keep kids on a daily routine. This will keep them as productive as possible.

I advise students to create a chart with every one of their classes on it. List every assignment with it’s due date. Complete assignments and check them off as you go. This keeps students organized and allows parents and guardians to see what is being posted and ultimately completed. This is a protocol that I have established in my own home with my children.

I sincerely hope our WVMMS families are healthy and safe. PLEASE adhere to the social distancing parameters that are being set. PLEASE stay home if possible. Let’s do everything we can to ensure that we stay safe and healthy and get back to our normal lives as soon as possible. 

We sincerely miss our students and look forward to seeing them soon!

Dave Tober