A message from Warwick Veterans Memorial Middle School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Mayor Solomon has issued a declaration closing all Warwick City buildings. After tomorrow (Monday) all buildings will be shut down, this includes Warwick Veterans. If your child has medication in the nurse’s office at Vets and you would like to pick it up, I will be distributing it from 9am-11am tomorrow, Monday, March 23.

Please send me an email at kerry.burns@warwickschools.org with your child’s name and medication. Medication pick up will be at the Gymnasium Lobby Entrance. Please enter the parking lot through the main entrance (traffic light), travel around the front circle and drive to the gym entrance (form a line in your cars). Do not get out of your car, have your identification ready and the medication will be brought to you. Medication will only be distributed to cars in this line. After you get your medication please proceed to the Fletcher St. exit (tennis courts).

We appreciate your cooperation with these directions. If followed, it will make this process much easier.

Thank you,

Kerry Burns – School Nurse

David Tober – Principal