March 2020

Get ready for the Vets Middle School Principal Challenge!


Mr. Silvia has agreed to the Principal’s Challenge.

If we reach these goals, Mr. Silvia will:

$1000- He will be Rolling with a cute koala  (ALL day)

$2000- He will Dress as Tigger for the day (with the koala)

$3000- He will get a Nicked eyebrow (with the koala)

$4000- He will Dye hair school colors (with the koala)

$5000- He will Get Taped to the wall (with the koala)


Please help us meet our goal… all proceeds will be donated to the Ellen Degeneres Australia Bushfire Relief project.


As of March 6th, we have raised $146.   Please order t-shirts OR donate to one of the donation buckets in the building!

The Principal's Challenge