Good morning.  

Two of the school counselors, Ms. Recore and Mrs. Christiansen, worked with your son or daughter today during their math classes.  They will be working with the students over the next 8 weeks on the JA Inspire program.  Junior Achievement’s JA Inspire program is a five-session, teacher-led workforce readiness curriculum for 8th grade students.  The program culminates with the JA Inspire Career Fair on November 20th or 21st.

Today, students were introduced to the program and they took a pre-program survey.  They watched a short video on the importance of career planning (  They also set up a user profile and took a career assessment (  After taking the career assessment, they were given a career report that included a primary interest area, key values for their primary interest area and top career fields for their primary interest area.  

Attached to this email you will find the Pre-Program Student Survey, Career Assessment Instructions and the Parent Take-Home Letter.  We are sharing this information with you in the hopes that you will initiate a conversation with your child about their future goals and plans.

We are excited to be bringing this great program and opportunity to Warwick Veterans Memorial Middle School.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thank you.

Mrs. Christiansen and Ms. Recore