Vets for Pets, Friday, December 7, 2018

Ms. Pinto’s Science PBL class was inspired by the Vets Helping Vets campaign here at school and wanted to continue the work of making a positive impact on our community. To do this they elected to help local animals in need and created “Vets Helping Pets.”

These “Vets Helping Pets” PBL students will be hosting two events during the month of December. The first event will be a Warwick Veterans schoolwide collection drive for the Warwick Animal Shelter which will be held from December 3-December 21.
Week One the students will collect recycled bath and hand towels
Week Two will be a collection of dog and cat food and/or treats
The last week of the drive students will collect rolls of paper towels.

The second event is a districtwide Animal-Themed Dress Down Day, which will be held on December 7. We are asking students, faculty, and staff across the district to wear animal-themed attire and make a monetary donation that will be donated to the East Greenwich Animal Protection League.

Please show your support by donating and wearing animal themed clothing December 7th.
Thank you in advance for your generosity!🐾